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We are Moment

We are 200 passionate, impatient, ambitious, party-loving professional and social colleagues. We work day in, day out to make a difference for candidates and customers all over the country. And we always have room for one more. Want to join us?

High expectations

You notice it as soon as your step through the door. A strong culture in the way we work. And the way we treat each other.

We do everything to make you feel at home – and with engagement and a friendly smile, we place high expectations on you from day one.

You could call us ambitious. We are curious and challenging, with a great passion for what we do. And we firmly believe that we can make a difference – not just for candidates and customers but also for each other.

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A typical working day with Moment

… does not really exist. And that is a big part of the reason why it’s fun to go to work – if you ask us.

At Moment, the labour market and business life set the agenda. Our priorities and focus change with our customers’ changing needs. The pace is often high. And so is the mood.

We enjoy going to work and being together. So we always help each other to finish our tasks. Even when we are busy. That’s also why parties, events and workshops are a natural part of our working lives.

We are a flexible workplace. There is scope for working from home and at irregular times – whatever suits you. However, we believe we are most innovative, effective and creative – and that we develop best – when we are together.

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Your career can take many paths from here

There are many ways of making a career with Moment. And it doesn’t always have to be the same way up the road.

You can change tracks, change departments, try out new areas and take greater responsibility in relation to our business or management. Or you can choose to specialise in your particular area of expertise.

In some functions, there is often a clear development path. For example, if you are part of Operations, which provides our services directly to customers every day and talks to our candidates, you career path could look like this.

Say hello to your future colleagues

  • Jens moment


    Moment and Jens go way back. Jens has worked both as a temp via Moment and as a recruitment assistant and recruitment consultant. Today Jens works as Staffing & Recruitment Manager at our office in Aarhus.

    Both Moment and Jens have developed extremely since Jens first started, which is a big part of the reason why he still loves to go to work.

    “It is awesome to be part of a workplace, where the ambitions for the company always changes. It is our goal always to become better and make things more fun and cool,” Jens says.

  • Albnora


    Albnora is Moment’s very own sourcing machine. She has a special gift for finding applicants from all over the country. If you ask her, she feels she has landed the right place at Moment – focused behind the screen, sharing job posts, and talking to Moment’s consultants.

    Albnora says: “I love that I’m a part of a workplace where we help people find a job. It’s a great feeling that we are all working towards the same goal – and succeed. Even when we must find many candidates in a short amount of time.”

  • Tina


    Tina has an incredible ability to ensure that processes, systems, and people work together. She is a time optimist with a capital T and has a flair for detail like no one else. Tina is also among Moment’s employees, who know Moment to the core. She has been an employee since 2006.

    ”A big part of my work is to develop systems and processes that support our business in the best way. Therefore I see it as a huge advantage that I used to work as a consultant in the early days because it gives me an insight into what is essential for my colleagues in their everyday life,” Tina says. 

  • Maiken


    Majken is initially educated as a receptionist and has worked for 13 years in the restaurant industry. One day she stumbled across an interesting job post as an HR and recruiting consultant and was intrigued.

    “It immediately caught my attention: the pace, deadlines, and structures. And, of course, the fact that you are working with people since that is the centre of everything I do,” Majken says.

    According to Majkens boss, Camilla, Majken has a huge drive, and she is amazing a creating structure and keeping that good overview even when the days get hectic.

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How we ensure that... 

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Our ambition is to be a first-class workplace with everything in its place – for our candidates and our employees.

We check how you are getting on. And focus on involvement, development and collaboration.

We are clear and honest in our communication. We run many professional and social events in the course of a year. And hold some legendary parties.

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We know – as well as anyone – how important good onboarding is. So it is obviously important to us for you to feel right away that you belong and that you can contribute.

We have many years of experience of welcoming new colleagues, and we can promise to go out of our way to give you a good experience, with room for the professional and the social. 

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We develop through our interaction with each other, when we have faith in every individual’s potential, and through the regular workshops, courses and webinars that we run.

Because we believe that personal development is... well, personal. So you will have every opportunity to do what is right for you.

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Want to be our new colleague?

We are always ready to take on new staff. You can find fresh vacancies here.

You are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application at hr@moment.dk.

We would like to know what skills and experience you have to offer – perhaps with a link to your LinkedIn profile or another digital CV.

The possibilities are endless. We work within e.g. HR, recruitment, marketing, finance, customer service and management. And we have colleagues employed in part-time student jobs or on their gap year, on short-term project assignments, apprenticeships, internships and permanent positions.

 We look forward to hearing from you.