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The best tips for your job-hunting, all in one place

It is hard to stand out from the crowd when there are lots of competitors, but there’s no need to panic. We have gathered together all of our best tips to make your job search a bit easier.

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Make your application eye-catching

There are many things to remember when you want to write an application that catches people’s interest. But it needn’t be as hard as all that. We have produced a list of good tips, so you don’t go to the bottom of the pile.

  • It pays to be thorough.
  • You can always ask questions – if you have something to ask about
  • Drop the clichés and be creative
  • If you send a standard application, you will generally get a standard rejection
Tips for your job-hunt
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Look! A resume to get you an interview

80% of all employers read the resume first – and they don’t spend many minutes on it. That is why we have gathered together our five best tips for a strong resume which will open the door to an interview. 

  • Only Batman can get away with not showing his face
  • The profile text is like a traffic light – it should make us pull up
  • Read between the lines
  • Keep it simple. A good resume will not be longer than 2-3 pages


Good advice for your resume
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Boost your resume – try temping

If you decide one day to look for a permanent position, it will help to consider how best to present your temping experience on your resume.

How do you describe your temping career on your resume so it doesn’t look like a random collection of short-term jobs but speaks of experience, competence, and success? You can do this in various ways.

Boost your resume