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How to! A resume to get you an interview

Did you know that 80% of all employers read your resume first? And they don’t spend many minutes on it. That means you have a few seconds to convince them that you are worth spending more time on. So try to summarise your most important job experience, training and skills as clearly and intuitively as you can. That is why we have gathered together our five biggest tips for an effective resume, to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

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    1. Only Batman can get away with not showing his face

    Use a lifelike and professional profile picture of yourself. You could have it taken specially. You don’t need a professional camera. Most mobile phones can now take high-quality images.

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    2. The profile text is like a traffic light – it should make us pull up

    Your resume profile text is often crucial to capturing your reader’s attention and getting you invited to interview. A good profile text takes no more than 5-7 lines to tell your future employer about your most important qualifications and values.

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    3. Have you taken a break? Explain any gaps in your career

    Gaps in your resume may well deter your reader, but you can actually turn them to your advantage. If you have a period on your resume when you weren’t working or studying, remember to explain how you spent the time – and emphasise the skills it gave you. So it’s not just “slack time” on your resume, but life experience with new knowledge and skills.

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    4. Latest experience first – or you will go to the bottom of the pile

    A classic, but no less important tip is to lay out your resume in reverse chronological order, so your most recent professional experience and training come first. All professional experience counts. Your future employer is mainly interested in the skills you bring with you from your latest job or training – and not so interested to know that you walked your neighbour’s dog when you were in 8th grade.

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    5. Keep it simple. A good resume will not be longer than 2-3 pages

    Your resume should not be too long. So remember to include only what is most relevant to the specific job you are applying for. It is a good idea to have a sort of generic resume covering all of your experience and skills, which you can then trim to fit the individual job.

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