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Welcome to Moment

We are a temporary staff and recruitment agency where our temps take priority. Our main task is to match capable candidates with attractive companies around the country. We have been doing this since 1997, and we are very good at it – if we say so ourselves. We have 5 offices and almost 200 employees, and we send more than 5,000 temps and consultants out to work every month. Can we help you too?

Who are we?

Moment was founded in Copenhagen in 1997 by Morten T. Højberg and Thomas Gleerup.

While they were still students, Morten and Thomas established Denmark’s first online freelance portal, where companies all over the country could recruit capable students to tackle ad-hoc assignments for a shorter or longer period.

Since then, Moment has grown to be Denmark’s leading temporary staff and recruitment agency, growing fast to take in more than 24 offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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Our values

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Engagement, determination and enthusiasm are the qualities that constitute our passion, and this comes naturally when we have direct responsibility and a personal connection and can share life’s pleasures and pains with each other. Passion often comes out of a desire to make a difference. And the work we do every day to bring candidates and employers together makes a huge difference.

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At Moment we have a responsibility, and we take it seriously. Responsibility towards our customers to find the right candidates, and responsibility to our candidates to provide for an orderly application process and find suitable work for as many of them as possible. These things are quite naturally reflected in our approach to our work, and also in our dealings with each other. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we do well.

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Team spirit

Collaboration and teamwork are centre stage at Moment. That way we achieve more, learn more and deliver a better service to customers and candidates. All of the departments’ processes are organised in much the same way, so employees with time on their hands are able to help others who are facing a busy day. And although we are at work, there is always room for smiles and laughter.

General management

Moment has around 185 employees spread across 5 offices around Denmark. Meet our general management.

  • Thomas Gleerup

    Thomas Gleerup


  • Christoffer Jonassen

    Christoffer Jonassen


  • Michael Torpe

    Michael Torpe


  • Bob Abildgaard-Jørgensen

    Bob Abildgaard-Jørgensen

    Group head of M&A and Strategy

  • Mariska Sala

    Mariska Sala

    Marketing Director

  • Kristian Nærø

    Kristian Nærø

    Commercial Director

  • Sarah Vinding

    Sara Vinding

    HR Director

  • Valdemar Gaarn Rasmussen

    Valdemar Gaarn Rasmussen

    Digital Director

  • Maria Helbo Holck

    Maria Helbo Holck

    General Counsel & Head of Legal

Is something bothering you?

Through Moment’s whistleblower scheme, you can report wrongdoing or unethical behaviour at Moment A/S on a confidential basis.

Of course, we hope that you will talk directly with your contact person at Moment. But if you want to remain completely anonymous but have something to report, then you can do it through our whistleblower form.

The whistleblower scheme is provided by the law firm Lund Elmer Sandager (LES), which is responsible for ensuring an anonymous and secure process. The anonymous report goes directly to the HR department at Moment. They will present the content to the management, who will then work on the issue and take the necessary actions.

Note: Here you can only report matters relating to Moment A/S. If the matter relates to the company where you are a temporary worker, you must report it through that company’s own whistleblower scheme.

Read more - and send your report here

Privacy policy

Moment’s data protection officer is Maria Helbo Holck.

If you have any questions about data protection, you are welcome to contact us via info@moment.dk

You can find out how we handle and protect your data when you set up a profile with Moment in our privacy policy.

Privacy policy