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Back-End Developer at Edda Group in Cluj

Become a part of modernizing and massively scaling our Scandinavian temp agency.

Join Edda Groups’ exciting journey towards Digital Leadership

At Edda Group, we are embarking on a transformative program to modernize our current software estate and scale up our operations across the Scandinavian region. Our ambitious program presents complex use cases and a transition of isolation, to single systems that cater multiple organizations, audiences, and channels. As a Backend Developer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our digital future and driving innovation within the staffing industry.

About the role

We're interested in both Senior and Mid-level Backend Developers. As a Backend Developer at Edda Group, you will focus on improving our digital capabilities, modernizing our applications and expanding access control, data access, future-proof business logic, localization, multi-tenancy etc. Both by migrating and consolidating workflows from existing applications to the central system, and by developing new workflows and capabilities driven by digital opportunities. This requires critical thinking and continuously questioning the approach while developing an understanding for the business processes.

As a part of our digital strategy, we are opening a new office in the center of Cluj, Romania, with a modern and inspiring atmosphere. Together with new colleagues you'll be an important team player when it comes to shaping a great work environment as well as building a strong foundation for future growth.

Furthermore, as an employee at Edda Group, you can look forward to favorable employment terms including 5 weeks of annual leave, lunch arrangement, complimentary coffee and soft drinks and the option to work from home 1-2 days a week.

Your Profile

You likely have a graduate degree in a technical domain. In addition, you have at least 3 years of working experience with a relevant coding language and with handling BE challenges like complex business logic, data storage, data exposure, codebase hygiene, framework conversion, automatic test building etc.

You're good at critical thinking, you can pinpoint challenges and articulate them and potential solutions.

  • You have familiarity with and finding interest in basic software patterns and principles.
  • Solving new problems lies more in your interest compared to managing new technologies.
  • Proficient in English writing and speaking.


  • .NET Core
  • WinForms (to understand existing event-listeners relations etc.)
  • MVC application architecture


Proficiency in Server-side development in C#. Comfortable writing efficient, scalable, and maintainable code.

Back-end Frameworks: Experience with the .NET Core back-end framework.

Database management: General database management systems and ability to design and interact with databases. This includes understanding SQL.

API development: Experience in building and consuming APIs. Ability to design and develop APIs, handle authentication and authorization, and understand concepts such as HTTP methods, request/response formats, and data serialization.

Testing and debugging: Have experience with testing frameworks and practices, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. Ability to write testable code, debug issues, and optimize performance.

Understanding of security principles: Understand security best practices, such as data encryption, secure authentication, and handling sensitive information. Ability to protect against common web vulnerabilities and follow industry standards.

Problem-solving and debugging skills: Have strong problem-solving skills and be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise in server-side code.

Familiarity with software development methodologies: You should have knowledge of software development methodologies and be able to work effectively in a collaborative team environment.

Location: Cluj, Romania

Travel: Limited

Job type: Full time

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