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Senior Front-end/App Developer in Cluj

We are seeking a Senior Front-end/App Developer to join our team and help us create modern apps and web-based solutions for temporary workers and candidates across the Scandinavian countries, across brands and industries.

Join Edda Groups’ exciting journey towards Digital Leadership

At Edda Group, we are launching a transformative program to modernize our current software estate and scale up our operations across the Scandinavian region. Our ambitious program involves complex use cases and transitioning from isolation to single systems serving multiple organizations, audiences, and channels. As a Front-end/App Developer, you will be key in shaping our digital future and driving innovation and usability within the staffing industry.

About the role
As a Senior Front-end/App Developer at Edda Group, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the front-end of our web-based applications and mobile apps, ensuring they are visually appealing, intuitive, multi-language, and responsive.

You will be part of our digital channels team, which is working on innovating and developing our (new) mobile apps. The channel's team is responsible for the external (web-)apps, and we are building a new digital foundation based on React, connected to .NET-based APIs.

You will work closely with our operational teams and middle-office development to design, develop, and implement new features and continuously improve the user experience of our apps. You will also ensure the applications are optimized for maximum speed and scalability.

As a Senior Developer, you will be responsible for defining our development patterns and taking ownership of (code-)quality for our front-end stacks.

Your Profile
You likely have a graduate or bachelor's degree in a technical domain. In addition, you have at least three years of working experience in relevant coding languages, handling front-ends connected to a .NET back-end, and striking a balance between development and usage productivity.

We offer independence and expect our colleagues to be proactive. We work in small agile teams that get to break down tasks themselves based on technical specifications and requirements. We have an open work culture where you’re encouraged to speak up and challenge colleagues.

  • Collaborative and good at listening in and asking the right questions.
  • Like to get things done.
  • Quality oriented.
  • Proficient in English writing and speaking.


  • • React and/or React Native experience
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript proficiency
    • Simple .NET skills are a bonus


Proficiency in React/React Native and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Ability to write clean and semantic HTML, create responsive layouts, and implement interactive functionality using JavaScript.

Knowledge of frameworks/libraries for developing complex and interactive user interfaces and providing tools for state management, component reusability, and data manipulation.

Browser compatibility: knowledge of browser and device compatibility issues and writing code that works consistently across different web browsers and mobile operating systems.

Problem-solving and debugging skills: We expect our developers to have strong problem-solving skills and be able to troubleshoot and debug issues that may arise during development.

Location: Cluj, Romania

Travel: Limited

Job type: Full time

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